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Daily parking ticket is in use for public parking lots and is charged according to Decision about the organization and the method of payment of the parking (OFFICIAL COURIER OF TOWN OF VODICE, number 1/15) from March 24th 2015. By stopping or parking on the public parking lot, the driver or the owner of the car makes the contract with the Organizer of the parking on the use of public parking lot with daily parking ticket. (hereinafter: Contract on the parking with the use of daily parking ticket.) The driver accepts the terms and conditions of the contract on the use of public parking lots with the fees prescribed by this decision.

You can pay the daily parking ticket by paying the payment order for the daily parking ticket within eight days from the date of issuance via the giro account of the Organizer of parking or by paying the daily parking ticket on the cash register of the parking Organizer (hereinafter: Gradsko poduzeće d.o.o. Obala J. I. Cota 10, Vodice).

If the user of public charged parking doesn’t pay the daily parking ticket within the prescribed time limit, it is obligatory for him to pay daily ticket, potential actual expenses and legal interest, what he will be notified about in the warrant. If the user of public charged parking doesn’t pay within the prescribed time, Organizer of the parking will enforce forced forms of billing in his own name for his account.

Korisniku javnog parkirališta omogućuje se korištenje istog po povoljnijim uvjetima uz korištenje jednosatne ili višesatne parkirališne karte uz primjenu vremenski ograničenog trajanja parkiranja. Satna karta vrijedi za parkirališnu zonu i za vremensko razdoblje za koje je izdana.

Sukladno parkirališnoj zoni u kojoj se nalazite potrebno je SMS poruku u kojoj se nalazi isključivo registarska oznaka vozila poslati na broj 708227(zona1), 707101(zona1A), 708247(zona2), 708248(zona2A) 708249(zona3). Potrebno je pričekati povratnu informaciju da je parkirališna karta uredno plaćena, koliko poruka pošaljete, za toliko sati ste platili naknadu za parkiranje.

Po isteku vremena za koje ste putem mobitela platili naknadu za korištenje parkirališta, na isti mobitel dobit ćete obavijest. Tada možete na istovjetan način produžiti parkirnu kartu na još sat vremena, odnosno i nadalje razmjerno vremenu korištenja javnog parkirališta.

Ask for the parking ticket for the parking zone in which you’re in from the sales person. Red parking tickets are for zone I, yellow for zone II, green for zone III. While buying the parking ticket on parking machine, you should put the money in the machine according to the conditions of the billing written on the machine. The confirmation for the paid ticket should be left in a visible place in your car, so that the parking controller could see it. The machine does not return the change!

The right to a privileged ticket has a physical person (tenant) who:
-has residence on the area where the parking is being billed, what he can prove with ID card, with the credential from the Ministry of Internal Affairs about their residential address or the confirmation for the ownership of the real estate from the land register.
-has a vehicle registered in his name or is using another vehicle which he can prove with valid driver’s licence or with some other proof.

The right to a privileged parking ticket has a legal person who:
-uses business space in area where parking is being charged, which is proven by lease contract, respectively extract from land registers about ownership of the business.
-has vehicle registered on the name of the legal person or uses different vehicle which is proven with valid traffic licence or some other means of proof.

Payment for privileged parking ticket is done over giro account of Parking Organizer or buying and taking over parking ticket directly from cashiers of Parking organizer. Physical and legal persons, who by the Decision of organization and payment method, have the right to buy privileged parking ticket are not allowed to have any unpaid debt to Parking organizer until the day when the privileged parking ticket was issued.

If the user of the privileged parking ticket changes the vehicle for which the parking ticket is still valid, Parking organizer will replace it with a new ticket at parking ticket users request.

Valid privileged parking ticket is the ticket from which you can see that it’s valid:
a) For vehicle for which it was issued, ie. for registration number of parked vehicle
b) for time period in which paid public parking is used
c) for parking zone in which paid public parking is used

During the winter period, from 15.10. till 30.04., for all citizens that have residence or temporary residence in the area of city of Vodice, Parking organizer has secured privileged terms of usage of parking areas according to the Usage rule for public parking spaces.

IN ALL PARKING ZONES DISABLED PARKING SPACES ARE MARKED AND CAN BE USED BY USERS WITH VEHICLE MARKED WITH PROPER DISABLED MARK. In parking spaces that are not marked for disabled use, disabled public parking user has right to park for free for 60 minutes with proper disabled mark on the vehicle.

No. If we were responsible for damages on parked cars, then prices of using parking spaces would be much higher.

You need to pay for usage of public parking through another model of payment.

You should contact the nearest authorized controller, contact us on telephone number 022/444 591 or come to our building on address Obala J. I. Cota 10. (just above Fina building)

From the moment you stopped your vehicle on public parking spaces, or when you are noticed by authorized controller, you have 10 minutes to pay for usage of public parking spaces according to Ordinance of organization and payment methods of parking spaces.


Have a complaint about parking, bus or vehicle mooring, contact us and we will do our best to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

Public procurement

Here you can review the data on the conclusion and execution of the public procurement contract and the public procurement plan in the current year.

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